I’m Mara, I’m 26 and I am writing this testimonial hoping to be useful to those looking for a change and an improvement in their lives. I was a sugar addict and I had a problem with sweets, especially chocolate, which had a big negative impact on my health.

When my doctor told me that being overweight meant developing several conditions like diabetes and cardio vascular diseases, I realised I had to do something and I needed help.

I went to see Annette Self, after doing a bit of research on the internet and talking to various therapists.

I connected with her immediately when we spoke on the phone and it was very nice talking to her as she was really patient and interested in my story and she answered all my questions.

I went to my first session very confident and trusting her completely. And I was right to feel that way. Through seeing Annette I gained control over my mind and my addiction disappeared.

That was 18 months ago and the experience was life changing. I have lost 20Kgs, I have a new job I love and I met a lovely guy and we are now engaged.  It is by far the best decision I have ever made and I must thank Annette for this. She is my saviour!

Mara Iovan, SW11

Before I came to see Annette I was binge eating, eating one of something was never enough. I was comfort eating, picking and choosing the wrong foods and overeating at meal times. I felt a feeling of self loathing and didn’t like myself. I had tried many different diets but normally fell at the first hurdle.

During my initial phone conversation, Annette listened to my story and I felt she understood me and my eating issues. She explained how the strategies she uses in her programme could help me and the stories she told about the other people she had helped really gave me the confidence that she could also help me. I liked her positive bright voice, it was like she was smiling on the phone.

In the sessions Annette helped me find the real issues behind the way I was eating and taught me techniques to help change my behaviour. After completing the programme my food cravings and compulsions have gone and I am in control of my eating. I’m now feeling very positive, much happier and proud of myself that I have achieved this. My energy levels have increased, I’ve lost weight, I’m more active and I’m out doing more things rather than just sitting on the sofa.

Annette helped me to think more positively and to see things from a different perspective, which has helped me in other areas of my life including my job. I would highly recommend Annette to anyone with similar eating issues.

Leslie, Surbiton

I got in touch with Annette as my eating was out of control. I had constant cravings for sweets, cakes and chocolate and was eating unhealthily. I was overweight, unhappy and felt unattractive and was not my normal self. I had tried Weight Watchers and lots of other diets but they didn’t help.

Annette helped me realise how my eating was a comforting behaviour, that certain things in my life were making me unhappy, as well as giving me tools to break the eating patterns.

My cravings have now completely stopped. I am much happier and I have lots of nice techniques I can use in lots of situations to help me, not just ones associated with food.

I’m much happier at work, I’m feeling really positive, more confident and more sexy. It’s made a really positive impact on my life. There’s been a huge shift and my friends and my Mum have all commented how much happier I am.

Anna, London

Struggling with weight issues and conflicting thought patterns, I contacted Annette. She helped me to understand where these thoughts were coming from and what my mind had been trying to achieve with them. I felt like something became whole again and internal conflict was over. I stopped mindless snacking and started liking myself again. Breathing techniques she thought me have been such a great tool for relaxation and banishing anxiety. I was surprised how quickly I did see a positive change and now I’m really looking forward to being me again.

MS, Surbiton

I cannot recommend Annette highly enough. I originally went to her for help in losing weight, and her use of cognitive hypnotherapy has helped me beyond measure; in addition she has helped me deal with other issues in my life.  On a personal note, she is a lovely lady, very empathetic and friendly.

MD, Surbiton

I contacted Annette for overeating and after completing the therapy programme I have totally stopped binging and I am eating far more healthily. I feel I am now more in control of my eating habits and I have achieved everything I set out to do so I would definitely recommend Annette to anyone seeking help for any issues they may have whether it be related to an eating disorder or something else.

Jackie, Surbiton

I would definitely recommend Annette’s programme to others seeking help with their eating. I’m eating healthier foods and there is more pleasure in food now. Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds on diets and self help books – the programme has been well worth the investment.

Debbie, Surbiton

I liked Annette’s practical, focused, scientific approach.  I printed out the technique summaries she sent me after sessions, which helped when I practiced them at home and I enjoying doing them.  I also liked how Annette gave me the background information as to why we did the techniques we did so I knew the purpose behind doing them and what I would achieve. I can keep going back to my print outs in order to refresh my memory about how to keep going.

It has been well worth the investment and I would definitely recommend Annette to others. I’m surprised and pleased when I look in the mirror and find that I am still thinner!

Cathy, Surbiton


After a lifetime of suffering with anxiety I got to a point where my low mood/mild depression was really affecting my life and the lives of the people closest to me. I went to Annette to see what she might be able to do to help.

I was absolutely delighted, Annette has so many different and unique ways of getting to the root of the problem and helping to make things clear and then arming you with the techniques to then manage them if they arise again.

I can honestly say Annette’s expertise have changed my life in so many ways, I am doing things I never thought I could do and feeling positive and confident about my future.

It’s so comforting to know there are people like Annette in this world who can really help people who sometimes like me thought they couldn’t be helped.  I had a wonderful connection with Annette because she is caring, friendly and passionate about what she does.
Thank you Annette.

Laura, Chessington

I had been having panic attacks on the train and tube for around 4 years. As these attacks became more frequent (happening on a daily basis), I decided to do something about it as my daily commute to work was becoming a nightmare. I looked online for some NLP specialists and saw Annette’s website. The website was clear and informative so I decided to give it go. After the first session, I was already feeling a bit better as our conversation had given me a new perspective on my panic attacks. After the second session, my panic attacks were gone, and since then I haven’t had a single one. Annette’s positive words and useful techniques helped me find peace.

CC, Surbiton

After fighting all my life with negative thoughts about myself, lack of trust and feeling trapped in my own mind I have decided something needed to be done and at my friend’s advice, I have contacted Annette.
Apart from the fact that she is a nice person, I felt comfortable in her company straight away and after only the first session I could feel a remarkable improvement.
The techniques that Annette teaches you are great and easy to practice. After finishing the sessions I can honestly say that I feel like I have done the best thing by going to the sessions. I feel empowered, happy to be in my own skin, I have learned it’s OK to trust people, but most of all, I feel that I can do whatever I set my mind to do, because the world is mine now and I am free from anything that trapped me before.
I couldn’t thank her enough for her help and for helping me get my life back.
If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Annette Self and you will see for yourself.
GF, Carshalton

Having experienced anxiety, low mood and depression for almost 2 years, I approached Annette Self’s professional services as a last hope after trying several other services.  I was greeted with straightforwardness, sensitivity, respect and professionalism from the outset.

Following the initial consultation appointment, it was clear that I had chosen the right practitioner to help me move forward with some very difficult emotions and related symptoms.  Having carefully considered the best course of action on how to help me, I received a range of techniques and skills, enabling me to process some of my feelings successfully and review my thinking at the same time.  24 hours after my last appointment I felt positively different, feeling calm, relaxed and emotionally in a much better place.  As I continue to feel better every day, I am mindful of my personal journey and really appreciate the effective and professional services offered by Annette Self.

I am truly grateful for the services I received and recommend it without reservation.  It really made a big difference to me…

A male client – SW London

I have had MS for 30 years and I thought I was coping quite well until 2010 when I had a stroke.  Fortunately, I recovered quite well but it left me feeling very vulnerable and it overwhelmed me emotionally.  So I decided to seek external help.

I was introduced to Annette Self through a calling card, which came through the letterbox.  I decided to see what help she could offer me.  I have to say that it was the best thing that ever happened.  Annette was very professional and understanding and introduced me to a number of techniques for coping with my emotional feelings.

I had a total of six sessions over three months. The techniques she introduced to me to have been helpful and they are something I can utilise independently when needed.

I would recommend her assistance to anyone in a similar position.

SP, Surbiton

I first went to Annette to get help overcoming my nerves and negativity for a big interview I had coming up at work. I got her details from scouring the Internet for local hypnotherapy practitioners and her overall approach, as described on her website, appealed to me.

She was very warm and welcoming from our first session. I liked the fact that the techniques she taught me could not only be practised at home but that she gave me tips on things I could source for myself to complement our sessions.

I went on to have further sessions to help me deal with general anxiety issues and I continue to practise what I have learned, when I feel I need to.

This is one of the best things I have ever done to make me a more positive person. I would not hesitate to recommend Annette to anyone who wants help in learning to overcome their difficulties.

GF, Surbiton

On the build up to starting a new job I began to feel very anxious and was worried that the anxiety I was feeling would prevent me from being successful in the new role, a role that was very important to me. Having never had any type of therapy before I decided that it might help and looked online. Having researched different types of therapy I finally decided on Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Annette Self.

I was drawn to Annette’s profile with her science background and the warm and friendly feel to her website. I felt very comfortable with Annette and it was easy to relax and talk to her and she very quickly helped me to understand why I felt the anxiety and worked to fix it. I had just three sessions with Annette and a personalised recording to listen to at home, and can honestly say that she helped me overcome the anxiety completely. I remember being quite amazed at the last session because instead of feeling nervous about the new job I felt quite excited.

I started my new job feeling confident and have been in the role for just over a month now and I am doing well. I have learned from Annette how powerful our subconscious mind is and I learned a lot about myself. I certainly feel much better for meeting Annette and I am very grateful to her for making me a much happier and more confident person. She has helped me start a new chapter in my life, not only in a new career but in my home life too. I highly recommend Annette and Cognitive Hypnotherapy and will definitely see her again.

PC, Thames Ditton

Speaking with Annette was the best thing I did. Her ability to quickly understand the issue, create a formidable action plan and put you at ease is reassuring and valuable. She is comforting, kind and professional. I would definitely recommend a conversation with her.

A male client, SW1F


I smoked for 59 years. I tried to give up smoking on and off for several years buying every aid that came on then market. I used to last for a few months. Going to Annette was out of desperation as my health was beginning to suffer. I went with a completely open mind. I was very surprised that just talking to Annette I was so relaxed. I only went twice and can listen to the download Annette sent whenever I want to.

Now I am a non-smoker of just a few months my health has improved so much I can enjoy going for walks and have gone back to line dancing. As I feel so much better and I am relaxed, I know that I will not return to smoking. If I get agitated or concerned I know I have Annette to turn to.

PB, Surbiton



When I first met Annette I was very low. I was a highly successful teacher but I felt terrible. Worse still, I had turned to alcohol as a sedative and palliative remedy; I was disappearing.     I was a drunk; albeit a private one, but it would not have taken many more weeks for me to have become public. On some days, most days, everyday I would drink a bottle of vodka a day; mostly at night and my relationship with my wife, who was incredibly supportive was becoming more and more difficult. I was in a loving relationship but there was something wrong. I had a difficult childhood but I thought I had sorted most of that… somehow we’re programmed to think that moving on and academic success will be the solution. I am a double Master’s graduate… but that was not enough. What Annette did was put everything back into perspective.

In her gentle style she asks the hardest questions. That’s not always easy; I did cry, but she did make me see some things about my life; did make me understand why I behave as I do. I understood my anger and unhappiness, perhaps for the first time ever. And now… I feel I can move on. I am sunnier than I have been for a long time, my wife is thrilled that she has the ‘real me’ back, I have had some difficult moments, but have managed to get through them. The things Annette taught me have helped. I’m dry – sometimes that’s hard but I now have a resolve. I no longer drink!

Working with Annette has been a god send, I don’t really know how to say ‘thank-you’ enough.

PT, Chessington


I had a drinking problem that was affecting my well being and my marriage, my drinking was the wrong side of the government guidelines and was getting worse.
That’s when I knew that I had to seek help. I attended Annette’s sessions and with her help and techniques I am not drinking half as much as before, in fact I am going days now without drinking a drop, which in the past would have been unthinkable.
Her sessions reinforced my self belief and determination to regain control of my life and my marriage because of my excessive drinking and I would heartily recommend her if you have similar issues to what I have had.

DW, Surbiton



I had been suffering with what had been prescribed as menopausal night sweats which were so frequent and severe that they prevented me from sleeping. I felt so tired during the day,  I didn’t feel like doing anything. I had tried various known remedies and nothing worked.

Having found Annette through searching for help on the internet I booked the initial meeting to discuss the problem and talked about other underlying situations which were preventing me from doing the things I wanted to do. After only two sessions I was controlling the night sweats and had a much more positive outlook. I have started doing new hobbies and rediscovering old ones. I highly recommend Annette’s help, and would definitely go back to see Annette for her assistance any time I felt the need!

RH, SW17


I initially contacted Annette to help with my long standing phobia of sick. It has been with me since I can remember and has impacted my life ever since. With the impending birth of my first child I wanted to be able to deal with the issue and scoured the Internet to find a hypnotherapist.

I found a number of therapists but Annette appealed to me most as she had so many testimonials from real people she’d helped (along with all the professional qualifications). Having had a quick chat with her on the phone I was convinced she’d be able to help me. And she did!  After completing the therapy programme,  I am now able to deal with my phobia without panic attacks and a much calmer mindset.
Following the initial programme, Annette has also helped me with hypnobirthing (preparing for the arrival of my daughter) and subsequently poor sleeping habits. She is an absolute professional (and a very lovely person!) who is easy to confide in and very supportive in helping you deal with your issues, giving you the tools to continue to be able to deal with them in the long term. I’d thoroughly recommend her!

Carla, Kingston-Upon-Thames