Stop Smoking

Tired of being a slave to cigarettes?

Man attached to cigarette (clipping path included)

  • Have you tried to stop smoking but find that will power is not enough?
  • Have you tried nicotine patches, chewing gum, cutting down, but have found that these methods are only temporarily effective?
  • Do you want to stop smoking for health reasons but feel like you would be losing a friend?
  • Do you think that smoking helps you relax but are worried about the smell it leaves on your hair and clothes?

If this sounds like you then Hypnotherapy may be the solution. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is an effective way to quit smoking (J. Appl Psychol. 1992 Aug; 77(4):554-61).

I am a smoking cessation specialist trained in The Simmons MethodTM : A Science Based Approach by addiction specialist and Cognitive Hypnotherapist Cathy Simmons.


This highly effective and unique approach uncovers and resolves the unconscious reasons why you smoke.  Once these issues have been cleared you will be taught management techniques and coping strategies that you can use at home or work to keep you free of smoking for good.

During your initial session I make sure that I find out exactly what your motivations are for stopping smoking, in order to further increase your chances of success.

Since everyone has their own reasons and triggers for smoking, my sessions are tailored made just for you, to ensure the treatment plan is effective and permanent.  In this way it’s possible that you can become a non-smoker in just a couple of sessions, whether you smoke 10 cigarettes a day or 60.

To find out how this approach can help you stop smoking for good then click here or call me on 07952 569851 to arrange your free 45 minute telephone consultation.

To read about why smoking is not your fault please go to my blog page.