shutterstock_176973527If you suffer from stress and anxiety you will be all too familiar with the physical symptoms that accompany those feelings, heart racing, breathing shallow and fast, sweaty palms, your mouth going dry, sensations in your stomach. All of these symptoms occur due to your body going into the ‘fight or flight’ response, during which your body gets ready to either put up a fight or to run away.

This is a primitive response driven by the unconscious designed to protect you and keep you safe from harm, to protect you from that sabre toothed tiger from millions of years ago.

In the modern world we don’t have that threat from predators, but daily events can hijack the same response, like that forthcoming presentation you need to give, that exam coming up, your demanding boss, deadlines, hectic family life or that stressful journey into work.

Faced with these kinds of stresses everyday, our protection response can become too sensitive, a bit like a fire alarm going off when there is no fire. As a consequence, our bodies are flooded with adrenaline and stress hormones on a daily basis and we are on a permanent state of alert always on the look out for danger.

It has been estimated that up to a third of the population will suffer from anxiety or panic attacks at some time in their lives.

Whilst short term stress and anxiety does not do you any harm, long term anxiety is very detrimental to health and can lead to physical symptoms, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, depression and an inability to deal with normal everyday events.

When people start to worry about the physical symptoms, it’s like adding petrol to the fire, and the fear of the anxiety just makes the problem worse. Often people turn to comfort eating, alcohol or drugs to cope.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps deal with the underlying root causes and thought patterns that created the anxiety, calming the mind and allowing you to get back in control of your life and feelings.